WAVE After School Program

WAVE is a free after school program that operates 2:30pm to 5:00pm daily Monday to Friday. An amazing variety of recreational, social and educational activities are offered in a supportive, structured environment. Activities include swimming, canoeing, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, computer training, and floor hockey, arts and crafts, and music and leadership development. There is also homework help, tutoring and literacy workshops.

Program participants receive a new WAVE Passport card every two weeks with each page representing a different activity and country. The goal is to participate in activities and get stickers and stamps as you learn about different cultures and countries.

The Wever CORE bustles with energy during the WAVE program as children enthusiastically connect with each other and with WAVE staff and program leaders. The program encourages inclusion, tolerance and acceptance, and staff members reinforce pro-social behaviour at all times.

By participating in sports and organized activities, participants improve performance skills while learning to cooperate and function as team members. This develops social skills and improves interpersonal management, equipping them with skills necessary to succeed in school or work. It also builds self-esteem, confidence and contributes to a positive self-image.

The WAVE program introduces many positive role models and mentors into the lives of Wever children and youth who gain self-esteem and confidence with encouragement from caring adults. Through the WAVE program, we engage Wever residents to overcome significant obstacles to participation in healthy community life, fostering a sense of kinship and community spirit. We actively engage parents and guardians; they are welcomed to attend the program, and are encouraged and supported to become program volunteers. The WAVE program has become part of the fabric of the Wever Community because it is a safe, dependable base for healthy community interaction.

The WAVE program is a cooperative project as several community partners join hands “Making Hamilton the Best Place to Raise a Child”. The United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton, the RBC After School Grants Project, the Rotary Club of Hamilton, City of Hamilton, Hamilton Public Health, Hamilton Police, community schools and local businesses are some of the active partners who collaborate with the Wever CORE to deliver this amazing program.