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SPARKS Girls’ Exhibition Basketball Program

In 2006, a grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation supported the very successful single season development of a boys’ exhibition team, the “Kings”. The boys played several Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) sanctioned teams as well as two excellent games against the Hamilton Police Department and the Hamilton Fire Department. The, “Kings” project was adopted by a local teacher and he currently runs an excellent basketball development and mentoring program for Wever-area male youth called “Tomorrow Today Basketball Mentorship Program”.

In 2008, the Wever Hub launched the “SPARKS” with funding from the Foxcroft Family Youth and Tiger Cats Funds. Certified and dedicated volunteer coaches were recruited and funding covered costs associated with uniforms, footwear, gym rentals, and officials. OBA sanctioned teams are invited to play the “Sparks” at Cathy Wever School to reduce transportation costs and to simplify team supervision and management.

In 2009 two girls’ “Sparks” teams were created to provide this positive opportunity for as many Wever girls as possible. Three girls were recruited and sponsored to play by a local rep team. A single “Sparks” team of 15 players is planned for the 2012/13 seasons.

This project is exceptionally successful as many people join together in a dedicated effort to provide young Wever girls with a positive developmental experience.