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WAVE After School Program

WAVE is a free after school program that operates 2:30pm to 5:00pm daily Monday to Friday. An amazing variety of recreational, social and educational activities are offered in a supportive, structured environment. Activities include swimming, canoeing, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, computer training, and floor hockey, arts and crafts, and music and leadership development. There is also homework help, tutoring and literacy workshops.

Program participants receive a new WAVE Passport card every two weeks with each page representing a different activity and country. The goal is to participate in activities and get stickers and stamps as you learn about different cultures and countries.

The Wever CORE bustles with energy during the WAVE program as children enthusiastically connect with each other and with WAVE staff and program leaders. The program encourages inclusion, tolerance and acceptance, and staff members reinforce pro-social behaviour at all times.

By participating in sports and organized activities, participants improve performance skills while learning to cooperate and function as team members. This develops social skills and improves interpersonal management, equipping them with skills necessary to succeed in school or work. It also builds self-esteem, confidence and contributes to a positive self-image.

The WAVE program introduces many positive role models and mentors into the lives of Wever children and youth who gain self-esteem and confidence with encouragement from caring adults. Through the WAVE program, we engage Wever residents to overcome significant obstacles to participation in healthy community life, fostering a sense of kinship and community spirit. We actively engage parents and guardians; they are welcomed to attend the program, and are encouraged and supported to become program volunteers. The WAVE program has become part of the fabric of the Wever Community because it is a safe, dependable base for healthy community interaction.

The WAVE program is a cooperative project as several community partners join hands “Making Hamilton the Best Place to Raise a Child”. The United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton, the RBC After School Grants Project, the Rotary Club of Hamilton, City of Hamilton, Hamilton Public Health, Hamilton Police, community schools and local businesses are some of the active partners who collaborate with the Wever CORE to deliver this amazing program.

Healthy Snack Program

Daily healthy snacks are provided for participants of the WAVE program, funded through the Partners in Nutrition program.  Healthy snacks ensure WAVE kids have energy to enthusiastically participate in fun activities!


RBC After School Grants Project

With funding from the RBC After School Grants Project, WAVE was recently expanded to feature exciting, high-quality recreational and educational programs lead by highly skilled instructors. Bingo participants can now explore activities including: Claymation, The Reptile Man, Tennis instruction, Guitar lessons, Drumming, Hip Hop Dance, Drama and ‘Kids in the Kitchen’.

These new RBC components of the WAVE program are revealing talents and igniting imaginations and passions for many children who have never had opportunity to participate in such exciting, educational and creative activities. Many new families are coming into the recreation centre excited about these new programs and many WAVE participants are discovering new talents and developing new skills and interests that will help them succeed in school and life!


Rotary Summer Literacy Camp

The Rotary Summer Literacy Program is a free after program that focuses on literacy providing participants with an engaging modeled of shared, and guided independent reading and writing activities.

Children who attend the program maintain and/or improve their literacy skills. The Rotary Summer Literacy Program is designed to engage, enrich, educate, and excite, creating a truly special learning experience for one and all.

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is proud to provide this program.

Rotary Summer Literacy is back for another Summer of Fun!

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is proud to offer children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 the Rotary Summer Literacy Program. This free program will run from Monday July 17th to Friday August 4th, 2017 at Cathy Wever Elementary School, located at 160 Wentworth Street North.

Session #1 Oh Canada – July 17-21, 2017

Session #2 Dreams Come True – July 24-28, 2017

Session #3 – Camp Rocks – July 31-August 4, 2017

Program participants will join our staff from 9:00 am to 2:15 pm Monday through Friday. The Rotary Summer Literacy Program focuses on literacy, engaging participants with modeled, shared, guided, and independent reading and writing activities. Children who attend our program maintain and can potentially improve their literacy skills.


Over the course of a day, children will also experience various day camp activities through our program options.  The main goal at Rotary Summer Literacy is to ensure educational activities and experiences are fun for everyone!

If you are interested and wish for your child to attend, please complete the online registration at:

Visit the Rotary Club of Hamilton website for more information at


Frontier College Literacy Program

Volunteers from Frontier College come weekly to offer literacy skill development as part of the Bingo program. The volunteers read to and with participants and encourage and support the love of reading.


Hamilton Basketball Association (HBA)

Since 2002, the Hamilton Basketball Association (HBA) has kindly partnered with the Wever Community Hub to give Wever youth the opportunity to play basketball in a structured, city-wide league.  The Hub works with several community partners including the Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF) and the Tiger Cats Athletic Fund to eliminate barriers to HBA participation for Wever youth and the partnership has grown to support six HBA house league teams (72 children aged 8 to 13).

The cultivation of a “basketball culture” has a clear positive impact in the Wever community.  Basketball has become a focal point for many Wever families, and games provide the backdrop for healthy community and peer interaction.  Structured league play exposes children and youth to team play concepts and provides an excellent way for them to learn and develop interpersonal management and social skills. Other benefits include better physical and mental health, enhanced cognitive development, improved school attendance and performance, increased self-esteem and confidence, a sense of belonging and value, reduction of high-risk behaviours, active citizenship and development of leadership skills.  The life skills gained by Wever youth through participation in organized sports give them the ability to function more fully as productive members of the Hamilton community.  Basketball has become a strong incentive for many Wever teens to stay in school.

SPARKS Girls' Exhibition Basketball Program

In 2006, a grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation supported the very successful single season development of a boys’ exhibition team, the “Kings”. The boys played several Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) sanctioned teams as well as two excellent games against the Hamilton Police Department and the Hamilton Fire Department. The, “Kings” project was adopted by a local teacher and he currently runs an excellent basketball development and mentoring program for Wever-area male youth called “Tomorrow Today Basketball Mentorship Program”.

In 2008, the Wever Hub launched the “SPARKS” with funding from the Foxcroft Family Youth and Tiger Cats Funds. Certified and dedicated volunteer coaches were recruited and funding covered costs associated with uniforms, footwear, gym rentals, and officials. OBA sanctioned teams are invited to play the “Sparks” at Cathy Wever School to reduce transportation costs and to simplify team supervision and management.

In 2009 two girls’ “Sparks” teams were created to provide this positive opportunity for as many Wever girls as possible. Three girls were recruited and sponsored to play by a local rep team. A single “Sparks” team of 15 players is planned for the 2012/13 seasons.

This project is exceptionally successful as many people join together in a dedicated effort to provide young Wever girls with a positive developmental experience.

Wever's Beaders

Adult female community members meet weekly at Cathy Wever School to make jewellery while they socialize and build friendships. The members themselves took part in the grant application process and received funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation’s “Small Toolkit Funding Grant”. They make and market their jewellery and The Hamilton Golf and Country Club recently asked Wever’s Beaders to make 150 bracelets, which the Club purchased for $10.00 each.

Wevers' Weavers and Healthy Cooking on a Budget Workshops

Adult participants come to this weekly sewing and knitting group to laugh, learn and teach each other skills and techniques. This group runs concurrently with the Healthy Cooking on a Budget class where participants learn how to cook healthy, nutritious meals on a budget.  Participants receive vouchers and coupons to buy ingredients so that they can prepare the meals in their own homes.

Mom and Me

A group of local Moms and Grandmas gather weekly with their young children or grandchildren to interact and learn together.  There is parenting support and guidance from Hub staff, and the participants share and help each other with their children’s behaviour issues.  There are information sessions where members learn skills like cooking.  This program also provides a volunteer opportunity for Wever youth to greet participants, help prepare food, clean up and help supervise children.

Femme Fit

This is a free “women only” fitness program held every Tuesday from 3-4pm lead by a certified personal trainer! To remove childcare as a barrier to participation, it is run during the Bingo after school program. While children participate in Bingo activities, women develop personalized exercise programs using Cathy Wever School’s treadmills, weights and elliptical machines. The Cathy Wever School Public Health Nurse (and Wever Hub Executive Committee member) recruits participants and leads and participates in the program herself.

Virtual Y

The Virtual YMCA brings the benefits of the YMCA to inner-city schools where any fee is a significant barrier to participation for the majority of children. The program elements create an environment that supports academic and social development and encourages children to feel relaxed, ready to learn and eager to attend.