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Wever Hub Strategic Goals:

  1. FOSTER Wever Community cohesion by providing a safe, shared, welcoming physical and social community space (Norman Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre together with nearby Cathy Wever Public School) where residents can interact and develop a sense of community spirit and kinship.
  2. SUPPORT residents to adopt healthier lifestyles by improving access to healthy food for Wever children, youth and families through a Nutritious Snack Program and by raising community awareness of the importance of healthy eating through programming and public education efforts.
  3. PROVIDE accessible, quality recreation and education opportunities for Wever children, youth and families, including barrier-free afterschool recreation programming that promotes mental and physical well being and the development of social and academic skills that increase chances of success in school and work.
  4. ENGAGE & MOBILIZE Wever residents to invest in themselves and their community by providing consistent, dependable encouragement and assistance to overcome barriers to participation.
  5. INCREASE Wever Community capacity for self-determination and self-reliance by providing opportunities for residents to participate in Hub governance and develop leadership skills.
  6. BUILD a viable, sustainable Wever Community Hub infrastructure across partner institutions and organizations, linking City and School Board policy with Hub practices and Wever Community needs.